What a Save!

A young black and white border collie is standing on the green grass of a football (or soccer) pitch in front of a goal post. Her tongue is hanging way out and her black ears are half raised. She has a big red ball in front of her on the grass.
What a Save!

When Joni was this age, we couldn’t take her off the leash near any ball game that might be happening nearby. She would (and did) run in and get involved. And, trust me, you’ll not easily get a ball past her. This is what she was born to do (with sheep, not balls, but you get the idea). The first time this happened was at a school tryout and she was accepted for the team as a goalkeeper. Joni! Joni!

The newest thing, it seems, is a game called Sheep Balls, where the balls represent sheep, with her playmate (me, I guess) moves the balls (at least 3) in such a way as to exercise her natural herding ability and blocking skills, as well as disciplining her to follow instructions rather than acting randomly. I will have to wait for spring to try this one out, but am grateful for a reader who told me about this great new game, invented specially for border collies. It looks as if it’s a great exercise for her trainer, at the same time. Just what I need!

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