Waiting at the Edge of the Field (6 months old)-138/365

A dog is still a puppy until about 8 months of age (when they are officially adolescent) and you can see that at 6 months Joni's ear has decided to flop into the front of her forehead once again, as she still has growing and developing to do. She is looking more adult now, though still is very slender as the breed often is. She is as intense as ever over her ball, but this time she is waiting for it to be thrown for her in the field. And behind her the field is white with dandelion seeds, making a perfect backdrop for her.  Her eyes are still striking, but this time in their intensity as she wills me to throw that ball for her. She is also learning slowly to walk on a leash with a bit of decorum. In spite of our combined best efforts at the moment it's still a bit like walking an erratic (and strong) yo-yo. But it is slowly getting better.

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  1. Thanks so much +Shelly Gunderson 

    Thank you +Sumit Sen 

    She is indeed, thanks a lot +Giselle Savoie 

    +Cheryl Cooper – thanks very much.

    Thank you +Marilou Aballe – I'm glad you like it. They do have 'that look' that you want to remember.

    Thank you so much +GenStockPhoto 

    That's what made me lift my camera – that look, the raised paw and then the dandelions in the background +Ursula Klepper – thanks so much 

    The very same one, +Heiko Mahr and yes, she has really grown fast it seems.

    You got it exactly, +Brian sobotta – intensity personified. 😀

  2. I can see the difference in her eyes…those childish eyes are slowly disappearing. Yo-yo's have decorum too…sort of 🙂
    She is one lanky lady, more legs than body 🙂

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