Violet Knot

Violet knot
Violet knot

I am at a disadvantage with all of our lovely African violets, as I don’t know their names. So I have to be inventive when it comes to the titles of the posts they feature in and this roughly seems wreath or knot shaped – hence the title you see for today’s Flower a Day. Another of the beauties that grace our window ledge thanks to Steven’s care, these blooms are so exquisite, they bring a quiet joy whenever I look at them. I hope this one brings the same to you today along with my warm wishes for a good start to this weekend.

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  1. Like a collar of petals to go around one’s neck, these gentle flowers send a feeling of soft embrace to envelop and encircle the viewer. In so doing, it gives off the feeling of love and goodwill. A beautiful shot, Ellie. It makes me warm all over. Thank you.


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