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Vintage BMW 1975 - Ellie Kennard 2012
Vintage BMW 1975 – Ellie Kennard 2012

Original Post: March 02, 2012 – 62/366 – BMW R75/6 Vintage Memories

This bike has such a wonderful history with us. Steven Kennard bought it in 1981 and used it in England as a second vehicle when I needed the car for a new job I had just started. He drove it 30 miles into work and back every day, all weathers. We also biked down to the South of France on it together and I can still remember falling asleep while riding pillion and waking up as we were going around a roundabout. It was truly a relaxing ride.

There is nothing to beat the wonderful smells as you drive through the warm French countryside on this open transport.

When we moved to France the bike came with us. Then Steven was seduced by a newer bike – another BMW of course – and we sold it to friends of ours. That new flashy bike was sold a few years later and we bought this bike back from the friend. It had only done about 79 miles in the few years he had owned it.

It has come with us to Canada and now sits in the workshop, a loved relic and source of wonderful, vintage memories.

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