Sweet little blue vetch flowers with their tiny pea like pods feature today in the Flower a Day post. These are, I’m sure, common around Nova Scotia fields and roadsides, but this is the first time that I’ve taken notice of them. Blue flowers are rare enough and I really appreciated them when I got down on my knees for a close look. They have lovely little tendrils which aren’t really visible in this photo, rather like edible pea plants. They are not as flashy as some flowers in this gallery, but no one said you have to be flashy to be beautiful. Have a peaceful day, my friends.

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  1. Very interesting form and lovely. Another one to take a closer look at next year. I think I shall be busy. Thanks

  2. I can relate to this little flower in these times – being blue, a little battle-weary, tired, in fear of being overlooked or trodden upon, having to bear a name like vetch (lol) – but still standing tall and carrying on despite everything, a symbol of our times. It’s gives me heart. Thank you, Ellie, for another great find.

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