Verbena Rigida

I have to confess that before I researched today’s Flower a Day offering, my only experience with verbena was the aromatic leaved lemon verbena. This is clearly a different plant, so I hope I am not wrong on the variety. Whatever the name, the effect is startlingly circus like and so much fun! It was discovered in a flower bed (not mine) and not surprisingly caught my eye. I hope you have more fun, colourful surprises to brighten your day.

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  1. Oh, I love peppermints…and here’s a whole bowl of the eye candy. How wonderful is that! We often had a dish of those red and white peppermints sitting out on the coffee table when I was a kid. This photo is close enough to bring back those memories – both make me salivate and bring a tear to my eye…but not for long. These happy little parapluies are so sweet that I can dance in the rain or sing in the sun with them. Thank you, Ellie, for brightening up a dark and gloomy day.

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