Veined Orchid

Veined Orchid
Veined Orchid

Though I poo-pooed fancy hot-house flowers in my post yesterday, because I am allowed to be a little fickle, today I am featuring just one of these exotic blooms that I seemed to dismiss yesterday. This beautiful orchid was hiding in the bathroom of a friend’s house (thank you, C) in a window, but at night, so it was dark. I got out my phone torch (flashlight) to brighten the scene and here we have this delicate beauty with its purple veined petals that seem to glisten in the stark light of the phone. No, I will not be coming across these in the spring, nor the summer or fall here, in the woods and fields around us, but I can still admire their lovely grace for what it is. A gift from some far away land where no doubt they can be found hanging from trees just as freely as ivy hangs from ours. Every single part of the unique earth we inhabit has wonders beyond our wildest imagination. I am glad to be able to experience some from both near and far. So today I hope you enjoy this taste of exotica from a warm and sultry land, while we await a potential snow storm tomorrow!

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  1. I think today’s flower deserves a poem…and so I offer this excerpt from “Angel Orchids” by the Silent One. This is the last verse – ‘they glow among the moon and stars at night, how sad in the world there are just a few, sweet angel orchids, tender pearls of white, perfumed with scents that bring senses delight.’…as does this portrait of this orchid caught in the glare of your phone’s light, like a startled wild thing (even though cultivated). Thank you, Ellie, for today’s rejoice.

    1. What lovely lines you found to enhance today’s photograph, Janet. Thank you for bringing those words to us today. I am so glad and honoured that you found this photograph to be worthy of them. The flower certainly was!

  2. It is beautiful Ellie. Love the veining on the petals such a perfect design. Contrasting of the solid color with the light veined petals is so beautiful. One of my favorite indoor plants if you can grow them because the flowers last so long in those.

    1. I agree, Linda, they are such beautifully designed flowers, you could keep looking at them and see new details. I’ve not had a lot of success, but haven’t tried lately.

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