Two Border Collies, a Red Frisbee and the Ocean

Joni, Aria and a red Frisbee - Ellie Kennard 2014
Joni, Aria and a red Frisbee – Ellie Kennard 2014

Original Post: June 30, 2014 – 143/365

I’m completely out of order here, but … hey! It’s my project and I’ll do what I want! 🙂

Today was Joni’s first day at the beach. It was hot and sunny and Arya’s owner called to see if we wanted to bring her down to play with their dog (1 year old) and introduce Joni to the ocean. The tide comes in at a terrific rate here and we had to time it before high tide, when the beach disappears completely under water. We all had a great time, with the two dogs playing and swimming in the waves and rolling about in the sand. When, after only a short time, we looked up, we had become cut off from our escape route back up the beach. After soaking my shoes in wading through the shallowest part of the water, I had to scramble up onto the rocks to work my way around the shore back to the exit. Joni went through the shallows below (which were not too bad, just too deep for shoes) and we met up at what remained of the dry part of the beach, making our way up to the boardwalk where the cars were. 

Here you see Joni (left) with Arya on the right. Arya was obsessed with catching the Frisbee, Joni was just obsessed with having fun. And with catching Arya. I think I probably got a bit sunburned. I’ll know later. 😀 Incidentally, there was plenty of room for us all on this beach – people and dogs. There is no overcrowding on our sandy beaches.

Thanks for all of your great comments. I will get to them as soon as I can. Life is so busy just at the moment and summer is too short to spend longer than I need to at the computer.

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  1. The photo and story is absolutely lovely! We should head back to the beach this summer to make more memories. 🙂

  2. And that's as it should be:::Cool breeze blowing the curtains::: cooler, I think it's getting ready for a "much too early forStorm".Like the rain, but there is a limit.We'll have wait and see,now won't we?

  3. When they go they leave an extra big hole on our lives, +Colleen Mathe . When we lost our last one at 13, in October last year, we were not going to get another dog. But the house was too sad. So we got Joni in February. And she filled the house with light and laughter. I have a photo album on my profile called Joni – The Definitive Collection. If you want to see her growing up. She is 7 months old today.

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