Tree Mallow

Tree Mallow
Tree mallow

This tree mallow caught my attention a couple of days ago. It is one of the last flowers left at this time of year in a garden not far from a few ragged asters at the side of the road. The beauty of the flowers was in stark contrast to everything else around it that had succumbed to the frost. Although I was convinced that I would find no flowers left to photograph, I had brought my camera with me and got this for today’s ‘A Flower a Day’ share.

I was impatient for the winter to come and then go, but while I see the glorious leaves on the trees just before they fall, as well as this splash of colour on the mallow, I have decided that I love the motto ‘enjoy the moment’ and will do all that I can to do just that. So I wish you all the same joy in moments that we have now.

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  1. So beautiful and still with buds! A true trouper, holding out as long as it can…and in doing so, providing the world around it with gorgeous colour and delicate shape and form – enough to reward those who are observant enough to find it. Great capture and very welcome on a dull and rainy day in Ontario. Thank you.


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