Pink Tousled Dahlia

Pink Tousled Dahlia
Nadia Ruth Dahlia

Yesterday the last of the dahlias were dug up for winter storage, leaving us just the memories of their bright happy blooms through the summer for today’s Flower a Day post. This one in particular, named Nadia Ruth is Steven’s favourite dahlia. It’s a cheerful flower to keep us remembering and looking forward to a flower filled colourful year ahead. I hope your day today has many bright and happy moments of colour!

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  1. Well, hello Nadia Ruth, with your tousled mane, and almost a riot of colour – bright pinks, subtle whites and that hint of yellow peaking out from your very core. How can one not love you! So happy to meet you and to have you start my day. Thank you, Ellie, for the introduction.


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