“Time’s a Ticker, It Never Lets Down… Time, Do What You Must”

Time's a Ticker- Ellie Kennard 2015
Time’s a Ticker- Ellie Kennard 2015

Week 13/26 : Shallow Depth of Field

Nothing tells time like a good old fashioned wind up clock like this Victorian carriage clock. This one is a seven day clock, which means it is part of a Sunday ritual. If it doesn’t get wound up with its little brass key on Sunday night then the rest of the week might fall to pieces. And if the clock stopped, that lovely quiet regular ticking would not measure out the seconds, and minutes and the days and the hours.

The thing with these clocks with hands is that you always see where time is going. You can always see where it’s been. The hand is moving past the 35 minutes towards the quarter to the hour.You can watch it you can listen to it and you know where it will go next. LCD numerals only show you where you are in that moment in time. That’s all some people know. Think about it.

The sad thing is that apparently young people don’t know how to tell the time with a clock like this. They have no choice but to live in the moment.

The title quote is from “Time’s a Ticker” by Canadian singer songwriter Amelia Curran on her album “War Brides”

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  1. Very nice +Ellie Kennard In Pakistan, I have noticed that young people have stopped using wrist watches as well. They rely on their cell phone, taking them out of pocket/bag every time they have to look for the time. And you are right young people find difficulty to decipher the Roman letters on the dial

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