We Two/Three Are One


A little while ago we were asked to provide a recent photograph of ourselves. It was supposed to be taken out of doors (it was cold at the time!) and to show some context, with Steven's workshop in the barn. We tried different places that we thought might work but nothing seemed ideal, so in the end we decided that the doorway to the workshop would be the best location. We set up the camera on the tripod and discussed how we thought we should be standing. I didn't want to be bundled up in a winter coat, tempting though that was, so settled on a light jacket. Steven wanted Joni in the photograph and asked me to hold her while he set the camera timer and ran back to his place in the scene. Joni really did not want to stand still and was squirming so much that I was forced to let her go as the shutter clicked leaving two blurred figures out of three.

Take Two

"Forget Joni", Steven said and so we prepared again and he ran back. As he did so I called her name once. She ran straight up to me and sat as you see her. As the shutter clicked she had just begun to turn her head toward the camera, but at least she is shown here as part of the family and not blurred. The Kennard family at home!

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  1. Such a lovely relaxed photo, Ellie 🙂 I envy you ‘casual Canadians’ – how do you manage to look so good, even Joni? It’s got to be a trick of the light… we Brits never photograph like that, LOL

  2. It is so nice to see this wonderful image again! (You now, I have saved it lately in my folder called "friends") You should frame it and put it somewhere on a nice place! xo

  3. I love this shot of you three…it was worth the effort. Hope you are all finally feeling better!

    1. Thanks a lot Sandra! Yes, it was worth the effort (and the frozen fingers). We are getting better, thank you. Just a little tired from it still. Thanks for asking.

  4. You probably didn't do this on purpose (or maybe you did) but I love the way your knees seem to pointing toward where Joni is looking. You both have your left knees bent slightly at the same time and it provides a lovely line with Joni's sight-line. Awesomeness indeed!!

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