The Warmth of a Kind Word is Like an Opening Flower Bud – By Way of Thanks to a Thoughtful…

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The Warmth of a Kind Word is Like an Opening Flower Bud – By Way of Thanks to a Thoughtful Friend

Someone knew that I needed a kind word a few days ago (to counteract a barrage of very unpleasant words that I had received – not on G+, by the way, but on another forum) and took the trouble to drop me a lovely email. We have never met although I have known her husband for many years, working with him as a forum moderator. Those gentle and supportive words took the sting out of the nastiness and made me feel better.

Thank you +Karen Cooper for your thoughtfulness. This bud on our Hosta made me think of you, with its lovely soft tones.

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  1. Hi +Eric Salem and thanks for liking the photograph. I just love the hostas and the way they give so much – the flowers are often the least of it. The buds on this are lovelier in some ways than the blooms. I always photograph in raw and then will use software simply to recreate what I saw. In camera jpgs are edited by the camera software. I prefer to be in control myself of the processing. Don't worry about your own images not being 'good enough'. Post them if you feel you like them. And if you wish for critique you can also join one of the photo critique groups. There is a Camera Basics Beyond Automatic mentorship just in the signup stage (until tomorrow, I believe) in case you feel that might be helpful to you. Steven and I are part of the mentoring team and the material is excellent. If you are interested go to the post on my page that links to the signup posting. Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks a lot +Sumit Sen
    Sir Martin you have always been kind and polite and courteous – to a fault, I would say. If such a thing can be a fault…. and I so much have appreciated your kind support myself. No one posted anything unpleasant to me on G+, don't worry. If they had I would have blocked them right away! So we are safe here on G+! +Martin Matejic (and I'm glad you like the pic too thanks 😀 )
    Thank you for that lovely comment +Gerhard Domler
    Hi Jerry, thank you very much, I'm glad you appreciated both +Jerry Downs
    +Andrew Westbury – unkindnesses are forgotten quickly and kindnesses are the memories that last for me (at least I try hard to make it that way) Karen's (and everyone here's) was special and turned the feeling right back to good again. It takes a knack and +Karen Cooper has it it seems.

  3. So very nice of her to take the time to write you and you to respond also — we all need to do more of that rather than spew out a bunch of unpleasant words! Thank you for sharing and for the fine photo.

  4. I tried to take similar pictures of the hosta bloom that Ellie did.  Mine didn't come out as nice as Ellie's.  Maybe I need to deepen the contrast of the photos, using photo editing software.  I didn't feel that my images were good enough to post on the Internet.  Departing on those observations about my own work, I've got several wide brim hostas in my home garden.  Those hostas grow quite big and need to be divided.  One can get a lot of plant, for one's money.  The textures of the leaves (foliage) can be as interesting as the flower on a hosta, I find.  

  5. I will never understand how could someone post something bad to u ma'am, it seems fairly apsurd from where i stand…I have u in my circles how long now? All that time u've been one of the most supportive person in my feeds and that is for a dreamy teenager a huge thing 🙂 We teens always dream big, often unrealistic but big never the less and not ever have u said something bad to me (though i've probably done something wrong in my Gplussing time, lol:) about my photos, my music taste, celeb chrushes etc 🙂 One of the most kind and genuine persons does not simply resive a bad word! If that's the case, the world we knew has become even crazier 🙂 cheers to u ma'am, keep being awesome!

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