The Renovations are Hard on Everyone

As I was photographing the renovation work (mostly destruction at this point) being done, behind some plastic sheeting in the kitchen, Joni crept in and sat at my feet. She gave me a look as if to ask when things would get back to normal. With the ice storm outside on that Sunday she was beginning to feel a little cabin crazy.

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  1. Just saw the posts on your remodel +Ellie Kennard  .  We refreshed the house last year,  summer through fall,  and put in a new front yard.  No major remodel construction, but replaced flooring tile and carpet, new kitchen countertops, appliances and repainted the interior. It drove Bebe our cat crazy for a while.  She was already a scaredy-cat. It took her a few months before she was willing to venture outside again.  Even now, she's skittish and runs back inside when she hears an unfamiliar noise. So glad that's over, both with home and cat!  You have my sympathies.  It's not fun to live in a place while it's being remodeled. Dust cleanup afterwards was a lot of work too even though we tried to cover things up and close doors.

  2. She got  Bette Davis Eyes  so beautiful eyes! and look at her ears, one in front and one folded back!  adorably cuddly!!!
    I hope your renovation goes ahead with big steps!! xo

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