The Old Fashioned and Predictable is Comforting – 70/365

In the movie "Julie and Julia" one of them makes a comment about the wonderful predictability in cooking. I know just what they mean. I find it very grounding on a day when technology is causing hassles and tech support is no help (or I am tech support), to come into the kitchen. I know for a certainty that mixing flours, water and natural yeasts in the form of my own mature sourdough culture will result in a satisfying fermentation that will eventually come out as wonderful loaf of warm bread. When everything else in the world seems to be going pear shaped, this age old practice is satisfying and calming.

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

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  1. +Lauri Novak – you are welcome to a piece when it comes out of the oven. 😀

    I thought you might, +Sumit Sen my friend. 

    That smell is often filling my kitchen +Susanne Stelle – and I love it, I have to say.

    Sourdough was a whole new life experience for me, which I started well over a year ago. +Jan Bickerton and once I got onto it, I was hooked and all my bread is now made only with natural yeasts. It is a low food extraordinaire!

    +Joyce Fay – these natural processes are predictable, but we have to initiate them, to make them work! LOL

    and you have, +Janet Patterson – thank you.

    I used a bread maker for many years, probably almost 10 years, after I moved to Canada. (I have always made my own bread, since I first had my own kitchen, but I didn't have  proper oven when I got here.) When I got a reliable oven (where I knew what the temperature was going to be) I stopped using the bread machine and went back to baking bread in the oven. And then moved to sourdough. The smell of all home made bread is the most welcoming smell, I think +Ursula Klepper 

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