The Last Summer Holiday Weekend


It's a long weekend here and the weather is beginning to get much cooler at night. For many this weekend will mark the official end of their summer fun on the beach. I took this photo as I started out on my walk along the shore. As I came back at the end of my walk, it had begun to pour with rain and as I got closer to where they had been playing, I saw these children all huddled under a huge beach umbrella. They didn't seem at all put out by the downpour, but were giggling and laughing under their shelter in their bright clothes making a splash of colour against the grey stones and sand. They had the sun in their hearts and that was all that mattered.

Enjoy your weekend, however you spend it.

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  1. I need to switch as I just can't carry the heavy gear anymore. I have my eye on the Lumux G4 with 3-4 various lenses. Without the switch, I'd only be using my phone and I'd like higher resolution pictures and wifi connection.

  2. Thanks very much +Linda Villers – that was a beach not far from us, which we never took you to.

    Doesn't it, +Shelly Gunderson? Thanks Shelly.

    Thank you +Sumit Sen

    I'm so glad you read that, +Susanne Stelle and it's true, I am sure.

    Thanks +Deborah Green – I look forward to seeing yours when you get a chance. I am just thrilled with my D6. My friend has bought an Olympus mirrorless and was all excited about it, thniking the files were nice and clean. She then discovered that the reason that everyone had lovely smooth faces (looking like they had plastic over them) was the heavy NR applied in camera. If she took raw they were horribly noisy. She has sold all her Nikon gear…. so … no going back. It's small, though, for sure.

    Thank you +leonardo diaz reyes

  3. Nice serene beach shot Ellie.

    Looking for the opportunity to getting some time near water or something for some new shots myself. Haven't yet had the chance since we moved to the new place. =o(

    I'd rather not lug my Canon around anymore and looking to switch to mirrorless gear.

  4. Thank you +Wendy Walker Cushing

    I really look forward to seeing that, +Hugo Burnham – and thanks for your comment. Don't forget to ping me when you post it (though I do stalk you, I believe, so I would probably get to see it.)

    Thank you for that lovely comment, +Donna McClure – yes, it is certainly one of the most beautiful times of the year and a real relief when we have relief from the heat. But this year our summer has been very too short. So I'm not too pleased about it. Our winters are long enough.

    Thanks a lot +Sunny Wu, Eric.

    Same to you and thanks +Patt Dickson

  5. That's another fine photo Ellie.
    For some reason it reminds me of one I took about 32 years ago on a beach in Sheringham. If I remember. I'll try and dig it out tomorrow, scan it and post it – it's one of the best photos I've ever taken!

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