The end of our bat population

This is so sad. I guess we won't have any more bats eating the mosquitoes and blackflies here. And we always had some in our loft but not anymore.

Bats among animals added to Nova Scotia protected list via the Chronicle Herald app

Bats among animals added to Nova Scotia protected list

Nova Scotia listed bats as an endangered species Thursday due to a widespread fungal infection that has wiped out over 90 per cent of the province’s bat population in just a couple of years.


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  1. No question that it will +David R Robinson – with all of the implications that has for lymes disease etc. They eat, as you say, tons of them. Or half their body weight a night, I think I heard? That is one huge amount of mosquitoes.

  2. Thank Divinity we still have bats in Denmark. But the decrease in their population from 10 years ago is so obvious. I love these little fellows and enjoy so much the rare sight of them in the dusk.


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