Thank You Sairam!

Last year I was selected to take part in a Landscape Mentorship which was being offered by a terrific landscape photographer, +Sairam Sundaresan  Today, those of us who took part in that mentorship are thanking him for everything he has done for us. This is what I feel about how I benefited from the mentorship:

"Sairam, I have so much to thank you for. First of all you selected me to be a part of this wonderful mentorship along with a marvellous group of friends. You recognised the vision I had and helped me to see it clearer myself. More important, you taught me to use special tools so that my images expressed my vision as I saw it in my mind. I am still learning, still working to hone and perfect those techniques. I will always remember you with gratitude."

I am resharing this image as Sairam said this was his favourite of my landscapes. So #ThankYouSairam  

For tomorrow's #farmfriday +Farm Friday   as well as:
HQSP Landscape  curated by  +Anja Wessels +Hallie Guilfoyle +Michael Garza +Nader El Assy +Vinod Krishnamoorthy +Luca Ferroglio +midori chan #hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape

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  1. Wow, this is such a pleasant surprise guys! +Ellie Kennard , it was a delight to have had the chance to interact with you. You really helped make the whole show work, sharing all those useful links, articles and of course, your beautiful imagery. Like I said before, this image, is incredible! I love adore it 🙂

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