Tansyleaf Millefoil

Tansyleaf millefoil
Tansyleaf millefoil

These little bouquets are everywhere in the wild at the moment, brightening the ditches and the edges of roads. Each tiny florette in the posies is so beautiful in its delicacy that it’s a pity that we don’t stop to look more closely at these and admire them for their perfect design. They seem to come in a variety of pale colours from this lilac to creamy white range, although as you can see here, the flower as it opens up becomes a little paler than the newer blooms waiting to mature. I hope your day has a little of the wild loveliness that brings us all a bit of joy when we see it. A Flower a Day #329 

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  1. This ‘yarrow of a thousand leaves’ is particularly beautiful at this stage of its development where it is tinged in that soft pink. All of the new flowers in the cluster are bright and in tact revealing that it is in the bloom of life,’ in the pink’ as they say. Each of us has/had those moments. Thank you,Ellie, for this uplifting photo.

  2. Thanks Ellie they are beautiful little bouquets aren’t they. Just imagine a vase full of them brimming over. I do love the different colors they have when you come upon them in the fields. Thanks again for sharing hope you have a great day. Hugs to you and Steve.

    1. I can just imagine that bouquet, so many shades of red, pink, cream and who knows what other colours? Thanks for the sunny comment, Linda. xo

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