This Could be the Last Time


For this winter anyway….

That was what I thought when I took this photo early last Sunday morning. That storm lasted all day and we are still cleaning up from it. Many of the (even main) roads are down to 1 or 1.5 lanes. The mail got through today, at least.

If you zoom in you can see that the snow is actually blowing quite hard, so although it looks as though it is still, as it has fallen on the trees and coated them, it is just very heavy snow that has stuck to everything. The ice that you see on the roof caused water to leak into the kitchen.

This has been a record setting year that I don't wish to see repeated. I saw in the news that New York was in shock and practically ground to a halt when they had about 1 1/2 to 2" of snow on March 21. On bare ground. I thought the news item was a spoof.

We have more snow (6-8") due on Friday night. So I guess this was not the last time. Not even close. But Joni likes it, as she gets to run around on the top of the drifts and bark at everyone from a height.

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I Love it. And So Does She


I know it doesn't look like a lot of fun, when you are hunched against a bitter wind that is whipping your hair (or fur) around and ice is freezing your eyelashes. But you have to admit that there is something exciting about it as well.

I thought that the other day on this walk with Joni. I had my scarf up over my nose and my colourful wool hat pulled down to my eyebrows, held firmly in place with the hood of my winter jacket. I was dressed in layers and layers of thin wool, then ski pants on top and warm thick woolly boot socks. I was trudging along on my snowshoes on top of the thick wind-sculpted drifts, only stopping long enough to pick up Joni's throw toy and send it off into the swirling snow so she could go racing after it. She absolutely loved the game and the walk and bounded over the deep snow in what looked like pure joy. And I looked around me across the white fields that were misted with blowing snow and I felt exhilarated at the sight and the conditions. I love it. And Joni loves it too. What you see in this picture is a happy dog. Photographed by a happy person.*

*If you have your camera out in conditions like this, make sure you bring it into a cool room to acclimatise before bringing it into the warm, to avoid condensation in the camera innards.

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Winter Roads


I was having a chat with my friend +Alexa KH the other day and said that I was about to go out, though the visibility was poor because of the snow. I thought as I wasn't driving (!!) I would take the camera to show just what I meant by blowing snow on the roads. It wasn't actually snowing at that point (I don't think, it's not easy to tell sometimes) but the drifting snow makes it hard to see the edges of the road and builds up drifts that can go right across the road. You can see that the snow isn't even very deep. Ah, the joys of a Canadian winter! 🙂

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Winter Wonderland, February – 42/365

Every day  Every moment is unique. From one minute to the next the sun moves across the sky from sunrise to sunset, the colour and quality of the light changes, a cloud passes, trees and plants grow. In the winter we have very occasionally a soft and fluffy snowfall, with perfect conditions to resemble a film-set winter wonderland. The temperature has to be right, the air has to be perfectly still so that the snow stays on the trees and outlines every twig and branch and every needle of the evergreens. When this happens (which often seems to be in the night), the moment is truly wonderful and, in the stillness, with the snow softly falling, you could really find yourself in a dream world. To have two days of this type of snowfall is very rare. If you don't have your camera and take the picture when the moment is upon you, you lose it forever.

Yesterday morning was the morning after the second consecutive one of this kind of snowfall. The trees here looked as if they were hanging with cotton balls.

By this morning there was little snow left on the branches as it had all fallen to the ground. The special feel is gone until the next time. This is one of my favourite trees in our garden and you can just see our house roof behind it. I had not realized quite how much the trees on the right, and this tree itself, were leaning away from the prevailing wind direction until I took this photograph.. 

I took this photograph specially for +Heiko Mahr who asked me if it looked like a winter wonderland where we live. As you can see, it did look like it, Heiko! And no doubt it will again before the snow melts.

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

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