California Dreaming Filming in Nova Scotia


+Ben Proudfoot (director and producer) and +David Bolen cameraman of "Breakwater Films" are visiting us at the moment, while they are making a video about +Steven Kennard and his wood turning work. This talented team is living and working in LA and so our weather is a real change for them and they are getting quite a kick of filming in a snowstorm and temperatures that are well below zero. (Don't feel too bad for them, most of the time they were in Steven's workshop!)

They have made some wonderful profile videos about craftspeople and so we are really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Before you ask, no, I am not in it, though Joni is (of course). I did make the food and helped with some of the special effects behind the scenes. If you get to see the finished video, you should know that I was shaking the sieve. Don't ask (not yet).

You can see a couple of their videos here on Vimeo including Staff pick "Ink and Paper", "The Ox" as well as the preview to their film "Dinner with Fred" – which we haven't yet seen.

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