A Bee on Every Flower

Bees on wild asters
Bees on wild asters

There is a beautiful clump of brightly coloured asters that grows wild down the side of our drive. Every time I walk by it is buzzing with bees and a closer look shows that every flower has a bee. As one tires of the bloom and flies to the next, a new bee takes its place. The cars going by on the road below cause a constant wind that blows bees and blooms around, making it difficult to catch a still moment to photograph. I did manage this time.

Originally posted on Google+ October 30, 2014 Image re-edited October 2020

Things That Obscure the Light – 44/365

These poplar trees are not supposed to be here. We had arranged last year to have them cut down as they are mostly dead and risk, in a wind storm, falling on our car, or the barn. But the tree fellers never did turn up and cut them down. And so here they stand. This morning, their fingers of branches and twigs seemed to be conspiring with the mist to block the light of the sun. As a result, the sun had an eerie, unnatural effect. Such is life. Some of the things that hide the light are subtle and invidious, like the mist. Others are obvious and in your face. With the best will in the world, you can't always remove them, even the most obvious ones. You have to make the effort to look around and through them to see the light. Because it is there.

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