The Band

Four musicians sitting around a round wooden table with different instruments lying around with cases. There is a guitar player, a bones player, a button accordeon player and a pianist in front of an electric piano set up on the table. There is a brick wall behind and three of the musicians are sitting on an old, dark, wooden settle.
The band – Steven Kennard, Garry Silbert, Mike Mann, Don Shepherd

Our wedding was informal as you can see here. It’s probably not usual for the groom to play in the band at his own wedding, but for us it seemed perfectly natural as music brought us together, in sessions like this one. Not a great photo but good times.

Musicians were – Steven, melodeons; Mike, keyboards and vocals; Garry, bones and bodhran and Don guitar and vocals. Sadly, both Mike and Don have died, but we have our memories of happy times together. If you don’t know Don’s music, (or if you do) you can hear a track “The Sun and the Moon” here.

The Sun and the Moon – Don Shepherd