Happy Anniversary to Us

A young couple stand together on a staircase in front of a brick wall, with the man behind the girl and his arm around her. She is holding his hand. She is dark blond with shoulder length wavy hair and is wearing a rusty red dress with smocking and embroidery on the front, with a part button front, open a short way to show a small necklace. He is wearing a brown sports jacket with a pale open neck shirt. He has mediukm length slightly curly brown hair and a beard. Both are smiling and look happy.
Happy 42nd Anniversary to us!

It’s hard to believe that this young couple is us, 42 years ago today. There’s been a lot of water under all kinds of bridges since then, but we have sailed, paddled, rowed, poled and occasionally motored along them together all the way. Yes, we’ve had to use buckets to bail at times, but we always managed to stay afloat because we had each other. Thanks for all these wonderful years, Steven.