Bear With Me as This is Not a Bumblebee (114/365)

Are you confused? Of course it's not a bumblebee, I would not try to deceive you. But it should have been a bumblebee. At least it should have been a photograph of a fat yellow bumblebee on a beautiful blue periwinkle flower. I spent long enough hovering over the flowers and aiming my camera at those busy bees to have come up with lots of photos, not just one for the project. But I couldn't get one of them to be still enough (and on top of the flower or at least out from under the leaves) long enough to click the shutter.  So I have no photograph of a bumblebee. Can I ask you to imagine that lovely image? Thank you for humouring me.

Now, can you guess what it is?

I do have a dog who stays focused on a Frisbee in Steven's hand, waiting for it to be thrown, so no prizes for guessing that I do have a picture of that. Sorry about the lack of bumblebee.  Enjoy yet another this picture of Joni! It looked better in monochrome than in colour, this time. She is, after all, black and white!

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