Sweet Alison

Sweet Alison
Sweet Alison

Some photographs I have taken of flowers are clear in my mind exactly where, and sometimes when it was taken. This is not one of those, however. I am trusting in my plant app for the name, but bear in mind my disclaimer, below and perhaps just enjoy the buds and tiny flowers in the photograph for what they are without worrying too much about what to call it if and when you meet it in the field! Have a lovely day, everyone, hugs to all! A Flower a Day #297  (NB while I make every effort to identify the flowers posted, I make no guarantee that the name is correct. It’s about the photograph, not the name.:-)

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  1. Could you mean Sweet Alyssum? Would the clusters of flowers be close together when fully out? This looks very much like it could be the same plant. If it smells sweet and aromatic, I would bet that it is one and the same. It’s a plant I’ve used often in planters and as edging in the garden. I love to pair it with trailing lobelia around the sides of my containers for a visually and olfactory delight. So follow your nose to see if you can locate this sweet alison to confirm it as sweet alyssum. Thank you, Ellie, for a sweet enigma today.

    1. Now you got me wondering, Janet. And research shows me that those two names apply to the same flower, this is true! But I have also realised that the leaves on this are serrated and thus, neither name would be correct! The sweet alyssum and sweet Alison do not have leaves like this! So I still don’t know what the name is.
      But thanks for helping with the sleuthing. More is required by someone!

  2. Thanks very much for sharing Ellie. It is lovely I like the way you’ve captured the flowers opening on the outside but all the buds ready to burst open in the inside. Thanks again have a lovely day hugs back at you

  3. Do you know when you took the picture, that might help? It kind of reminds me of a younger, not in full bloom version of what you told me was meadow cress?

    1. Good point, but not sure this will help much. May 28, 5:18 pm. There was nothing else that was taken at that time that made it to my computer, so no clues there. A single photo on that day at that time. Apparently I was gardening, so it was taken here somewhere (my exercise notes tell me that) and must have come indoors for my camera, taken the photo and continued gardening. The rhododendrons were in bloom, next day there are photos of them. Meadowcress leaves look different, I think, though. Thanks Chrisse. Maybe another viewer will have an idea.

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