Surrounded by Trees-133/365

Our house is surrounded by trees. In the old days they understood how important this was. In the summer, the leaves, dense and green, stop the heat from getting in through the windows and keep the house cool. These leaves are a natural air conditioner, using no power, naturally filtering out the heat.  The birds find shelter in them, nest and raise their young in the branches and the evergreens and shrubs that are at the ground level.The sun filters through only when it is lower at sunrise and again at sunset, once the intense heat of the day is beginning to dissipate. In the winter, when all the leaves are off and the branches are bare, the sun's rays stream through all the big windows, warming and lighting the interior during the shorter winter days. The rooms are bright and airy. What can be better than that?

For Tree Tuesday  curated by  +Christina Lawrie +Allan Cabrera +Ralph Mendoza +Kim Troutman +David R Robinson #TreeTuesday +Tree Tuesday

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

#bellesphotos +Belles photos by +Jean-Louis LAURENCE +Claudya Bonnet

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  1. Oh yes, it can be as hot as 35 C at times in the summer (not every day, that is extreme, but it's frequently 30 for at least 3 or 4 weeks in the summer). We are on the same parallel as Bordeaux, so we do get heat. 😀
    and thanks a lot, +Ursula Klepper – I'm glad you like it.

  2. I love this red leaves! I didn't know you have so much heat in summertime. I am glad when there are not to many trees near our house, so the light can come in and the sun can warm up. There are only few days with really much heat during summer. …. Oh and this is the perfect way to show us all the trees around jour house! :o)

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