Sow thistle
Sow thistle

Today’s Flower a Day brings you some sun, in case it’s not shining where you are! It’s another sow thistle, but I thought that it never hurts to have more sun, so another sowthistle can’t do any harm. This was taken early in October along the roadside across from where we live. Such lovely bright yellow is so cheering. I hope it brings a ray of sun into your lives today, my friends. We all need it.

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4 Responses

  1. A screech of yell—ow, a burst of sun, this little plant is having a one-person party, a solitary fling, a jump-for-joy moment. So much so that he has shocked his neighbour to the right and embarrassed his colleague to the left who has hung his head in the hopes of going unnoticed. But I’m with sunny boy. Why hide your candle under a bushel? Let your enthusiasm out. Shout your happiness from the mountain tops. There will be plenty of time tomorrow for quiet contemplation, but today is today. Enjoy it to it the hilt! Thank you, Ellie. I needed that.

    1. Great reply, thanks Janet! We all need that emotional sunshine these days. This one certainly does seem full of the joys (not spring ones, but just as good).
      Enjoy your day.

  2. Thank you very much ellie. It is a bright spot of sunshine which is very helpful. Goes along nicely with the sunny day that we have. I also like the orange which I believe is a flower that is past its prime.


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