Sunny Thistle

Colewort, Sun thistle
Colewort, sow thistle

If only so many flowers were not of the Aster family (and so cheering) I would not be having quite so many World Wild Aster Days as I do. I wanted sun for you today. So here it is! I know the name of this plant is a rather ugly sounding one, so I am proposing that we change it to Sun Thistle. This is an edible plant (though I understand a little bitter) and was, once again, photographed along the edge of the road opposite my house. How can you help but like this bright, unassuming little flower that is everywhere in ditches and roadsides, brightening our walks and drives, as well as today’s post! I hope the Monday sun that it brings you cheers if only for a moment, as you go about your day. This is my wish as I get it ready to send out to you. XO
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4 Responses

  1. Gorgeously sunny, this thistle, known by various names but one is the starthistle, is another ubiquitous plant. Fortunately, this one knows its place, namely disturbed habitats such as roadside ditches and cultivated fields. They are valuable pollinators but are not a friend to horses should it get into pastureland. When I think of asters, I think of the simple petal designs many have, but this one reminds us that there is much diversity even within species…and reminds me, in particular, that anyone can have a bad hair day. Go wild, aster! It’s your day. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. And a bad hair day in a good way! I have that delightful vision of a wild crazy blonde, defying convention to brighten the view wherever she chooses!
      Thanks for that and the info, as always, Janet!

  2. Thanks Ellie it is lovely and bright and sunny. It certainly does brighten your day on a dull day like today. Also if we are having things to deal with that get us down it can brighten enlighten our day as well thanks again for sharing.

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