Sun Seeds

Sun Seeds
Sun Seeds

Just add water! Yes, these are clearly seeds to grow little suns with their lovely rays as you see in the background. Do we need such seeds? Absolutely! The warmth will be most welcome. Sadly I left these where they were growing and did not collect any or I would send some out to all of my Flower a Day sun seeking friends. Instead of seeds, this photograph will have to do for us all, so I hope it warms the heart if not the skin. I will be checking out the seed catalogue to find some of this wonderful plant for next winter. If I find the official name, I’ll let you know!
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  1. Not enough detail in leaves and petals to be able to identify this little gem. However, I’m willing to bet this is another WWAD. If it is a low-growing plant, it might be a creeping oxe-eye daisy or wedelia. If so, this would be very exciting as this is a very interesting plant. (Aren’t they all?) Regardless of the mystery, it is very easy to see that these small orbs hold much promise. Promise of the sunny blooms shown against which these seed heads are showcased. This is a reminder that these seeds have already been sown and their sunshine awaits us when the blanket of snow is drawn back in just a few short months. Hope springs…Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Okay, here’s a clue – the flowers themselves are featured here, Janet:
      You are probably right, that it’s some sort of aster…. so many are. I just loved their look, like a couple of orbs in space, radiating light around them. The seeds are indeed waiting… in front of the school where I found them. I will watch for their sun next year! Thanks Janet

  2. Thanks they are beautiful. So bright and cheery. Love the burst of yellow you see through the woods were birds have planted their seeds.

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