Sun Burning Through the Mist in Round Pond Harbour, Maine


There is something mysteriously calming about fog and when you combine it with wharves and boats, especially if you have just a little light kissing the top of the water from the morning sun, that gives an even more special feel. This scene met us as we arrived in Round Pond Harbour yesterday. It was the start of a lovely day of exploring the coastline with my friend Carol who is a local and knew all the best places to show me. I'm looking forward to more exploring before we have to leave this beautiful area.

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  1. The more memorable features of Campobello are the Roosevelt house (for tourists), the pristine forest (1500 acres I think) on the south end, the harbor up at the north end, coming in off the Bay of Fundy, and above all (to me), the lighthouse at the north end. I've got a story about my first visit there that maybe someday I'll relate.

  2. Thanks +Lynn David Newton – yes, I can just imagine that! I have now looked up Campobello and it is on my wishlist to visit. I have never been. Can't go on this trip, though as we are going up through Quebec on the way home, visiting family. Another time, perhaps when the ferry starts again so we don't have to do the customs / immigration thing. That is becoming nothing but a hassle.

  3. Nice. When I moved to Searsport, Maine, in 1976, it was with the hope of staying in the area permanently. It didn't work out, but in the 18 months I lived on the coast I did get around and visit a lot of places. Never saw Round Pond Harbour, though. I was often in Camden and Rockport, but not often much beyond that — mostly points further up the coast and inland. Have you ever visited Campobello, NB, across a narrow tide rip from Lubec? The place took my breath away. Lots of history on that island, too. (The summer home of FDR's family as he grew up.) There's now an international park there.

  4. +Ursula Klepper thanks so much for that. I liked the lines and tried to frame some elements in them as I could. The trouble is that the boats moved around slowly all the time, in and out of my framing. But I was happy with what I managed to get. The smell was intoxicating, all salty and you could almost taste the iodine in the air.

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