Summer Set

Summer Set - Ellie Kennard 2015
Summer Set – Ellie Kennard 2015

So September is here and with it comes thoughts of ordering firewood against the winter cold (they are predicting a worse winter than last year – how is that possible?) and making sure that any summer and autumn chores are all done before the cold starts. It all looks (and feels with extremely hot days) like summer still, but with the days getting shorter so quickly now and school buses on the road again, the heat of the sun and drowsy afternoons we are still enjoying just have a different and more poignant feel about them.

It’s time to get out and enjoy what’s left of the last of the summer if you can, at a lakeside, like this one or on the beach. Winter will be here soon enough.

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  1. Yes I saw on FB that Steven has a workshop in the USA and I was wandering if you join him. In the meantime we have again sunsine but the sun is deeper and deeper and not so strong any more and also days are getting shorter… I already miss the summer :o( Have a good time there! is Joni with you?

  2. What a great way to do it, +Lynn David Newton and I agree, it would require either heavy horse or some other equipment to drag out 6 cords of wood (and all kinds of time). We don't really have any woods to speak of, nothing like that. When you think that our wood probably comes to about $1500 a year, it would be a terrific savings if you could. But we don't use any other heat, not really, except in the shoulder seasons. On the other hand, we have all kinds of scraps from the workshop to get the embers to spring to life again every morning. The fire never goes out from the time we light it in the late fall to the end of the winter.

  3. The reason I asked about dragging wood was when I lived in Maine I had friends who would harvest dead and fallen wood from their property. I don't know if any of them had enough to get 6 cord (one person had 75 acres), but it was enough to save them money in a place where people counted every penny. (I'd think for some people the effort and cost of doing it yourself without dedicated, expensive, heavy equipment would outweigh the savings. But they did it in Maine.)

  4. +Lynn David Newton We have about 3 acres of mostly landscaped garden with some orchard and small pine copses. We have big maples but they are features of the property and we wouldn't cut them down. Sometimes we get some branches from them that come down in storms, though and they get cut up. We order 6 cord of wood a year, usually, too much for us to begin to get from anywhere.
    I hope we all have a mild and gentle winter. But we will have what we have… and wishing won't change that.

  5. +Susanne Stelle Thank you so much dear Susanne. Isn't it wonderful to see those beautiful skies, and even if you didn't have a camera, you had the vision of it and can keep it in your heart to remember as best you can. And memory can make the colours richer, the mist more ethereal and the rays more striking which a photograph won't do for us.

  6. Thanks so much for that lovely comment, +Merle Nienhuis – I hope you have more of the great imagery weather and skies, but don't wish for you the winter we had. I guess if we have another like it, we will at least know we can get through it again.

  7. This is a wonderful image, I love the colors and the mood! I hope you enjoy your last summer days ( we have lots of rain and cold weather) and I keep my fingers crossed for a not too bad winter! xo

  8. Ellie so interesting to hear you are getting ready for winter where as we are into the 3 day of spring down here in Oz . Seems only yesterday I was there watching Steve stack the wood in the basement ready for LAST winter ..

  9. Wonderful, soft lighting and colours, beautiful reflections! Looks so tranquil and serene! Yes, indeed – hope you and your family and friends get to enjoy every last Summer and Autumn day! And that the Winter will not be too cold! 🙂

  10. +Ellie Kennard

    A lovely day to you and Steven and wishing you guys a beautiful fall day !! The Autumn feel is in the air and yet summer breezes still evident ::) I agree with you ::: How is that possible ?:::: We in the Pacific Northwest had no winter last year and if we got a quarter of what you had last year , we would have simply died::lol::)) But boy for fantastic imagery with high surfs and heavy black clouds and gorgeous sunsets over the snow capped peaks::)) You have pretty day and very nice seeing your work up here,sweet and nice lady::) Hugs dearone::):))

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