Stone Clover

Stone Clover
Stone Clover

This is a soft, very small and delicate pastel flower that is everywhere just at the moment. They remind me, with their furry flowers of a pussy willow, but more colourful and therefore of a cat’s fur. Speaking of cat’s fur and clover… but no, I won’t spoil the surprise. On another note, this post, for July 1, is the first share with a month specific gallery below. As you see, this lovely stone clover is the only one so far in the gallery, but the numbers will grow through the month as each flower photo is added. This will make it much easier to view each photo full screen and see the whole month at a glance. You can also view the full gallery if you want, from the link below. I hope your day is filled with flowers, my friends. A Flower a Day #292  (NB while I make every effort to identify the flowers posted, I make no guarantee that the name is correct. It’s about the photograph, not the name.:-)

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The July Flower a Day Gallery with current content is below. Each day a new photo will be added. With today’s post there are now 292 to view on the full Flower a Day gallery.

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  1. Maybe one of its other aliases, Rabbits foot clover, would be a better moniker since it has these soft fine hairs all over it, like a bunny, showing its feminine side maybe. Actually, this sweet little bloom is a hardworking member of the plant world, providing both fodder for cows, sheep and goats, and nitrogen to the soil. So, it does very important work while still managing to enhance its environment. I wish we could all be so talented. Thank you, Ellie, for starting off the month with this model.

    1. You are so right! Rabbit’s foot is much more accurate as a description add it is so soft and fluffy. But it does grow on the stones at the side of the road around here, too. So that also made sense to me (never saw the rabbit’s foot name, I confess).
      Such a useful plant! More clovers to come….
      Thanks Janet.

  2. They are lovely Ellie. If I’m correct I remember picking the heads plucking the little tubulars out and sucking the sweet syrup out of the bottom. Thanks again for sharing the Clover. And I can’t wait for more Clover to come tomorrow.

    1. The ones you have in mind Linda are not as small as this, not so soft and fluffy. And I have the same memories of doing that brewery thing. More clovers to come… 😉

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