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My friend Heiko asked how the renovations were getting on and if it was less chaotic. As you can see, it is still pretty chaotic. I am still able to cook meals and bake my bread (as long as I am cleared out of the kitchen along with all evidence of cooking) when the workmen arrive) but it is a bit of a struggle at times. At this stage it felt as if we were living in a cabin in the woods, with bare wood walls and no insulation, no lighting and pretty much a shell. The really trying part will be when I don't have a sink for a period of time lasting, I hope, not much more than a week. 

Here you see the electrician, Dan unravelling yet more wire to poke through holes in preparation for connecting up lighting. Soon after this, when the workmen left, Steven cleared up all the mess and vacuumed the floor. Blue ball games started and supper was soon on the stove. By now (this was taken on Tuesday, 3 days ago) there is insulation in the walls you see (as of yesterday) and gyprock over the top of that.

+Heiko Mahr – there's the answer to your question, my friend! On days when I was not able to take photographs anywhere else, I have been documenting all of the work to be able to look back on it… and laugh?

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

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  1. My mom did an album while my dad renovated our house in the late 70ties and early 80ties and this album is still great to see.
    Documenting special events is a thing which photography does give a special meaning.. as it can conserve a moment in time..
    Hope you advancing fast..

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