Dried statice flowers
Dried statice flowers

This lovely spray of dried blue statice flowers brought memories flooding back to me from when I had bunches of them in cream and blue in my first home in the UK in the early 70s. It seems that they were everywhere, where now I haven’t seen them for years until suddenly there they were on the side of the room, almost an afterthought in the same clinic where I photographed the flashy orchid and amaryllis. I remember how all those years ago these blues were so deep when first I brought them home until they faded through the winter (and attracted the dust, truth be told…) until they made way in their vases for bright spring flowers These are holding their own, looking still lovely and blue. They will keep that corner cheery for some time to come, with their delicate papery blooms. I send a long lasting hug, strong, not faded out to all my friends, near and far, old and new.

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    1. I’ve learned so much from this project, including the names of these, Bev. I did have to search for this as I couldn’t easily find it. They are beautiful.

  1. How lovely are these little blooms? They get their name from the Greek word for ‘meadow’ and don’t they just perk up a meadow of muted yellows and beige? I think they are often used to set off more flamboyant flowers in a bouquet and they do that very well too…not asking for centre stage but not shrinking away from it either – a lesson for us all perhaps. Thank you, Ellie, for today’s vibrant offering.

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