Starry Night Asters

Starry night asters
Starry night asters

At the edge of the wood sheltered in the dark and in the blue light of the evening, I suddenly came across this spray of starry asters. I loved how they shone in tiny pockets to themselves, like a starlit night. Today’s a Flower a Day posting is about an impression of asters, not a portrait of a single one. Each one added to the impression I felt and that impression was uplifting, shining as each flower was, in the protective cover of the leaves.

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4 Responses

  1. What a perfect description, Ellie. They’re all over here along the trails, brightening up dark pockets of the woods. I’ve always thought of them as forest fairies, dancing in the wind and the sunlight, even when no ones looking. So sweet. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful Ellie. I have to agree it does look like you are looking up at the starry night. Which is always a great joy to see. Thanks again for all your efforts.

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