Spotlit Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose

Last year in October I shared two photographs of Evening Primrose for Flower a Day especially to give you all a double burst of sunshine. Today I am sending you one bright ray of light from this delicate beauty. Evening primroses are a night flowering plant (I suppose you guessed that) and are a native plant to our area, attracting moths and large numbers of native bees among other beneficial insects. Their roots are eaten by small mammals and the seeds by birds. They are also known for so many medicinal uses for human beings which earns them the nickname of “King’s cure-all”, that I feel they can be rightly considered stars of the plant world. They even have a lemon scent – basically everything you would ever need in a wild flower. As if that weren’t enough, their beautiful colour brightens their surroundings and this post and hopefully your day. (See the comment by Janet below that refers to the “nectar guide pattern” for more fascinating information about this wonderful plant.)

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  1. This is another of those very interesting plants with magical medicinal qualities that makes it attractive to us humans. Apart from the fact that it likes to open in the evening, one of the most interesting facets is that it attracts pollinators with a nectar guide pattern. This guide pattern is not visible to the naked eye but can be seen under ultraviolet and to the pollinators themselves (hence the name): moths, bees and butterflies. Sometimes there just aren’t words to describe the marvel we call ‘nature’. Thank you, Ellie.

  2. Thanks Ellie it is a beautiful ray of sunshine that’s for sure. Love that yellow colour. Thanks for the info and all the interesting things that can be used for. Hope you have a bright and sunny day today


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