Spirea Japonica

Spirea Japonica
Spirea Japonica

Our neighbourhood holds so many hidden delights. This lovely Spirea was hiding behind a rose bush across the road from me (next to the marshmallow). As I was photographing it for A Flower a Day, a tiny visitor climbed over the top of one of the flower heads and went about her business. She seemed to be totally unaware that her colour should have clashed with the pink. But in the end I didn’t mind either. It was so lovely just to see a hint of normality going on in the natural world. I hope this helps to cheer your day, my friends. Clicking on the image below will take you to the Tiny Wildlife Gallery where there are many such little delights if you have time to take a look.

Spirea Japonica with ladybird
Spirea Japonica with ladybird

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  1. Are these one of those sensitive flowers that each little flower falls down when you touch them?
    I remember we had colourful kind of these flowers in our garden. Each very little flower had a separate colour. Can you imagine? They had a very special smell and were really beautiful, just like these ones you photographed.

    1. No, its not a sensitive one, at least I don’t think so. It wasn’t affected by the ladybird, although I confess I didn’t touch the flowers… I believe the flowers you are referring to that you had in your garden are called ‘Lantana’. I have Lantana photos to post here…. watch this space! Thanks Banafshe.

  2. It is amazing all the detail that comes out in your photos that we don’t notice when we just take a look at the flower. The beautiful colour and little antenna-like hairs that are there. Also the joy of seeing the lady bug nestled in the flower. Thanks again

  3. It’s a pink day, and I feel in the pink looking at these cheery spirea flowers. A great start to an unpredictable day that I shall carry with me. Thank you.

    1. That sounds as if this post achieved its objective, at least for you, Janet! Thank you for the comment, my friend. I hope your day’s unpredictability turns out to have a positive, even happy side.

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