I have reached another milestone in my project and so have all of you who are following it. We have arrived at image number 300! Also, although it wasn’t until September that these Flower a Day posts began on the blog, I began taking the photos for it in July 2020. So the parade of flowers is coming full circle for me. That’s not to say that I will be stopping my daily shares, because there are still so many beautiful blooms to share with you all. So relax and enjoy the photos as you have for the past 300 days, knowing that there are still more to come. Spirea is so often most admired as a beautiful bridal type cascade of fully opened white flowers covering a bush. This time, though, I caught it just before that glorious stage, at the point of opening, featuring the delicate buds as well as some early flowerets with their yellow centres. Enjoy your Friday, friends, and on to the next 100! A Flower a Day #300  (NB while I make every effort to identify the flowers posted, I make no guarantee that the name is correct. It’s about the photograph, not the name.:-)

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The July Flower a Day Gallery with current content is below. Each day a new photo will be added. With today’s post there are now 300 to view on the full Flower a Day gallery.

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  1. Congratulations on reaching post #300! That is a milestone worth celebrating. And post #300 is worthy of the honour- the bridalwreath spirea is spectacular from spring to fall. Starting with these eager young buds and progressing through to cascading laden boughs of white clusters. No wonder it’s a favourite with brides. Capturing the blooms early in their development allows us to appreciate the building blocks of the showy plant. Thank you, Ellie, for this great album of plants through the seasons.

    1. Thanks so much Janet, for the congratulations as well as the kindness in commenting on every one, and with such interesting observations. On to the next together!

  2. Hi Ellie thanks again. It is lovely the way you capture the flowers but also the buds we can see the different stages. It is a beautiful Bush when it’s in full bloom that’s for sure. But sometimes we miss the beauty before a full bloom comes out. Thanks again for sharing hope you have a great day.

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