Solidago Bicolor

Silverrod, White Goldenrod

In November I shared a photo of a spray of silverrod or white goldenrod, so today I am focusing a little closer on a single … what? flower? bud? head? Whatever it is, it is a fascinating little thing with its tiny yellow and white rod like shapes. As I said in my earlier post, this is beloved of bees and other insects, and is another member of the aster family, originating in this part of the world. Not a stunning flower to you or me, perhaps, but of great value in the ecosystem, supporting wavy-lined emerald larvae and several species of specialized bees as well as producing nectar that attracts butterflies, native bees, honey bees and other pollinators. These are not edible and even possibly poisonous, so it’s best to simply admire these for their contribution to the natural environment and strange, interesting forms. A so-called weed providing a contribution to the ecosystem as valuable as this trumps many glorious flowers in my books any day! I would be flattered to be compared to this interesting little plant. Enjoy your day, my friends.

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  1. Reaching out, lively, curious about the world – I’d say that also applies to you, Ellie. And native to North America, something else you both share. Radiating an inner beauty that is obvious to any onlooker and doing it’s bit for the environment -also you, Ellie. Thank you, for sharing this lovely with us, Ellie, and for sharing yourself as well.

    1. I am blushing at this comment, Janet, as the qualities you describe for this special plant are ones that any plant, animal or person would be thrilled to have. What can I say but thank you!

  2. It is lovely Ellie. I love the spiny like petals that are coming out on it. Plus the color. And a little insect not sure what it is maybe a bee maybe a spider. Thanks again hope you have a great day. Sending along a hug.

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