Snowy Park – 19/365

How do you follow up on a puppy's photograph? With difficulty. But a photo a day is a photo a day. So here goes.

On Sunday there was the kind of classic snowfall that people who live in non snow countries think happens all the time in Northern climes. In fact it happens maybe once a year. The rest of the time it is not nearly as lovely. So here is a picture of the classic.

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton
#treetuesday +Tree Tuesday by +Christina Lawrie +Shannon S. Myers +Allan Cabrera +Ralph Mendoza +Kim Troutman
#winterwednesday by +Antoine Berger +Logan Miller

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  1. They are a challenge, for sure +Stuart Dyckhoff , but I made more progress in my photography during that year when I last took on such a project than I had before, or felt I did since. I guess I need the challenge to push me. You are welcome to more than one dusting of snow if you like, as we have more than enough to share with you and anyone else who is feeling snow-deprived! And thanks. 🙂

    +Lauri Novak – thakns!

    Oh yes, +Shelly Gunderson – a puppy is a hard act to follow. But I am glad you like the winter scene as well. Thanks.

    That was beautifully expressed, +Rekha Rao and describes the scene perfectly. You always have a special appreciation for the shapes of trees. Thanks very much.

    She might well, +Ursula Klepper – though they are not in a field very near our house. She certainly will be running around similar trees, once she is big enough not to disappear into the drifts!

    Thanks very much, sir M! +Martin Matejic 

    Thanks a lot Janet. +Janet Patterson – I'm glad you like it too.

    +Kim Troutman – thanks.

    It is, I agree +George Marquardt 

    Thanks a lot +Sumit Sen 

    It just struck me when I saw it, you are right, +Mikko Tyllinen 

    I'm sorry you have not had any real 'winter' +Heiko Mahr – I will surely share what we have here (and you can have the real stuff, if you give me your address, as we have more than we need at the moment).

    +Shawn R – thanks very much.

    Thank you +Christina Lihani and +Nina Anthony – it is a classic kind of winter scene, I was glad to see it as it makes you feel good about this season, too, despite the hard work in clearing it.

  2. PAD projects are tough especially if the weather is against you. But this is lovely Ellie – I'd like a dusting of snow now so I can get some 'different' images. 

    Not too much mind.

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