Snow Blowing Over the Dykes, Canning – 24/365

The day after the blizzard was a day of blustery cold winds and drifting snow, especially across the dykelands. The light, though, was bright, through the lifting clouds. As the roads were now passable, I drove towards our local university town (Wolfville) to get some shopping done. As I drove out onto the main road, I pulled the car over to catch this picture of the village. I have never photographed Canning from this particular angle, but with the snowy landscape and the blowing flakes, I thought it looked lovely, nestled among the trees. 

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  1. I hope it stops snowing there soon! And I'm sure it was nice to stay at home. I'm still waiting though, luckily it isn't that bad here. The weather forecasts say that greater amounts of snow is expected here in February 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot +Lisa Van Dyke 
    It was, +Mari Luukkonen – I'm so sorry to appear to be spoiled with snow when you have not enough! But today the wind and snow are so bad that I was unable to get to a meeting that I was to attend, as I got part way down the road and visibility was almost 0. When I passed a car that had gone into a ditch, I found the nearest driveway to turn around in and went home. We get a lot of problem with snow blowing across the open fields and the dykelands. 

  3. A view into winterwonderland +Ellie Kennard 
    By the way:
    Your parcel of snow did arrived yesterday with big snow flakes. We had 2 to 3 cm and the kids did some tobogganing.
    Thank you for that 😉
    Today most of it has melted away, but for one single day we had winter..

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