Toadflax, snapdragon

Today’s Flower a Day is a portrait of a single snapdragon, where earlier in this project I shared a grouping of them. There is something about these flowers that make them seem to have an inward glow. This one was on the side of a ditch and the light fell on it just perfectly. I hope you enjoy this glowing bloom remembered from late summer and that it warms your day.

The Flower a Day Gallery with current content is below. Each day a new photo will be added. With today‚Äôs post and additional throwback post image there are now 94 to view. Click or tap to view full size.

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4 Responses

  1. Snappy? Maybe. Dragon? No. This little cluster of buds radiates peace, happiness and goodwill to all. Unfurling its sweet petals to reveal the golden glow within, this floral portrait can’t help but evoke a smile from, and impart a sense of tranquility to, the onlooker. I know it did for me. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. And we so need this peace, happiness and love for all, now more than ever. I’m so glad this little bundle fit the bill so well! Thanks Janet. Keep smiling.

  2. Good morning Ellie I agree it does seem to glow. Love the delicate petals, the colours – it brightens your day.

    1. And good morning to you Linda! And on this rather dull day I’m glad if it did the trick for you (as it did for me!). Have a lovely day, my friend.

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