Snake in the Sun


It's so wonderful to be able to go into the woods and just walk on the ground again! Most of the snow is melted and we don't need to pile on our warm clothes, boots, snowshoes and all the paraphernalia that a winter walk involves. It is so wonderfully freeing ! On this particular afternoon I almost trod on a snake, just caught myself from putting my foot down on it by grabbing onto +Linda Jess's arm, much to her horror as she has a pathological fear of the reptiles. That time the slender creature slithered away out of sight in the undergrowth at the side of the path before I could put my camera to my face. I was so cross to have missed that chance. After about 40 minutes or so we were walking back along the same trail and I spotted this one just lying in the path in the sun. He never moved no matter how much I walked around him, taking photographs in case he decided to make a run for it or moved myself to get in closer for a better view. He kept an eye on me, but didn't seem to be worried by our proximity nor by Joni who was waiting a little distance away. It was as if he was sitting for his portrait in his favourite environment. Did I see two snakes that day? Or was it the same one, overcoming his pathological fear of humans and hoping to get a closer look at us on our way back?

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  1. Lovely picture – looks like such a cheerful snake :0) I'm sure it weighed up the choice between the danger of humans and the warmth of the sun and after such a long hard winter decided the sun was well worth the risk.

  2. Great story +Ellie Kennard! I am fond of snakes and have several old fellows in my yard and when they were just a couple years old they would hold still like this one. Now they are more cautious. Your photo is beautiful and even more so seen large.

  3. I am glad you were able to rescue from the snake. I was still a little apprehensive the next time we took that walk .

  4. Lovely shot and writing, the snake looks like it has a smile on it's face!

    I am so scared of slithering things! It just scared the heck out of me just reading what happened to you 🙂 +Ellie Kennard

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