Sleeping Beauty

Creeping woodsorrel, oxalis corniculata, sleeping beauty
Creeping woodsorrel, oxalis corniculata, sleeping beauty

This tiny bright yellow flower, the creeping woodsorrel is so easy to miss growing low along the forest floor. It is officially oxalis corniculata but has such a charming nickname of Sleeping Beauty which very well describes it as it nestles quietly among the dark leaves on the ground. It contrasts with the exotic lilies and cultivated flowers I have shared lately so I thought it a perfect uplifting gift today to bring us down to earth (literally, not metaphorically) to see the beauty that is right under our feet! I wish everyone a happy Saturday. Until tomorrow!

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  1. The unassuming little Sleeping Beauty, bringing sunshine to the forest floor and happiness to those who choose to look… and see. Super find for the day, Ellie.

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