Silverrod or White Goldenrod

Silverrod, also known as white goldenrod is a curious flower I am sharing for A Flower a Day today. Often found on roadsides, this one was actually near some woods. It was really hard to get much of it in focus with the Helios lens as these odd looking blooms splayed along the stem, in little groupings here and there. It is apparently much loved by bees and butterflies, songbirds eat its seeds and I see that it also has an attraction for ants. It is more interesting than beautiful, but then that is such a compliment to a human being that I don’t think it is at all a derogatory description for this plant. I hope your day is like this flower, with its own share of beauty and interest.

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  1. You’ve found another unsung hero in the plant world, Ellie, and when I look at this portrait, immediately the opening lines to this song popped up – ‘everything is beautiful in its own way’. A closer look reveals that intricate beauty and when I read its resume that you provided, I know I am looking at a jack-of-all-trades, one of those workers-behind-the-scenes doing whatever is needed to help out. True beauty. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Ellie it is very interesting one cluster seems to be closed right up and the other next one seems to be opened with the color shooting out appreciate it very much thank you.


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