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Week 11/26 #BWProject26

I am always in a hurry to get things done, so I just zoomed in to take this then zoomed out again!

I am not a great one for taking self portraits, there are many much more interesting subjects around, but this is the theme for this week and who am I to fight it? As this week I am focusing on the zoom, this seemed an ideal opportunity to try out different techniques.

With a tip of the blurred hat to those of us taking part in the blurred mentorship run by +Alex Lapidus, I am posting my blurry self portrait image for the B&W project. You can still see it is me, so that works for me.

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#BWProject26 | Curated by +Tisha Montgomery +Brandon Luk +Lauri Novak +Alison Christensen
#hqspmonochrome +HQSP Monochrome curated by +Luis Vivanco S. +Оксана Крысюкова +Howard Salmon and +tri rini nuringtyas
#hqspportraits +HQSP Portraits curated by +Heiko Köster +Frank Nöthe


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  1. +Sandra Nesbit thanks a lot Sandra. I had fun and came up with lots of different results. The interesting thing is that I have suddenly decided that I am happy with my face not being made up every day. (First time since I was about 16.) So this is a 'bare' selfie, my first. My usual eye make-up would have given a completely different result, much more defined in the eyes.

  2. Thanks very much +Julianne Bockius – if I had not been in a blur learning mode in my mentorship I might not have thought of it. Though I do remember taking something similar a couple of years ago. High key worked well with what I had, I thought too.

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