Rusty Chains no Longer Hold Us Down


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This rusty pile of chains that I photographed last summer on the docks in a little harbour town in Maine seemed perfect to symbolize the material we learned in this first week of the "Travel on a Photographer's Budget" mentorship. The mentor for this is +David Zipprich and he is sharing with us his knowledge on how to travel the world on less than a shoestring – that is "a photographer's budget". How many times have we all had to stop dreaming of travelling to a special destination as soon as we took a look at the cost of transport? The chains of 'money' held us back. I know I am not alone in this. This week, however, David smashed those particular chains for us and showed us how we could get to our dream destination for a fraction of what we thought it might cost. His tips are unbelievable and his ready assistance when we have questions goes beyond the call of duty.

This is only the first week of the 7 week mentorship and I know that I am not alone in beginning to realize that what I saw as 'dreams' are actually achievable. The week of 'travel' is over! Now on to the next stage of the planning. I can't wait.
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This program is part of the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers program.

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  1. I am continuing the mentorship, but no more plus posts +Sandra Nesbit – it's not really that kind of mentorship. I don't know if David will repeat it. There are lots of mentorships that people are doing so that they then are prepared to be able to be on Arcanum as masters. So this is just their kind of testing ground. So as to whether he would do this again, I don't know. It would be great as there is a lot to be learned, of course and it is useful for anyone on a budget, really.

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