Sometimes delicate, simple, gentle and refined doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you need drama and flamboyance, almost like a joyous shout! And these roses for today’s A Flower a Day post are just the flowers to fit the bill. They almost dance with colour. Don’t ask me why today called for this, but maybe we all needed it as I did. I hope these garish beauties make you laugh and dance a little.

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  1. Not everyone can get away with it – that loud colour, all that bling, that over-the-top makeup, all those frills! Too garish! The neighbourhood is all a-twitter. “How do they do it? How do they pull it off?” But they can…and they do. They are Roses, the divas of the cultivated flower world, the queens! Today, here, it is a black and white day with the snow softly falling, peaceful but dull. So this dash of colour, this bright spot is a welcome intrusion. It’s a rosy day after all! Thank you, Ellie.


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