Rocket and Joni – A Happy Time – 33/365

Yesterday was Joni's first day out to visit other dogs. Our friends have 4 dogs of different ages and personalities in a very calm and happy environment so it was a perfect introduction. All went well with everyone behaving themselves beautifully. Joni felt completely at ease and made friends easily.

I photographed Rocket once before last year and here you see him having fun with Joni. Joni is now 9 weeks old and growing fast.

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  1. Thanks very much, +Gisela Heeg – this was the home of our good friends that were caring for our old dog, when we had to go away for two weeks, and she died while we were away (brain tumour). Our friends looked after her for that sad time. Now there are happy times with the young Joni. So a full circle.

  2. I do hope you will have dogs in your life again, soon, +Jasbir S. Randhawa – they are special companions. Thanks for that lovely comment, too.

    Merci beaucoup +Paul Paradis 

    Thanks such a lot +Mari Luukkonen  – if I make you smile then that is a success as far as I am concerned!

    They are sir M! Thanks a lot +Martin Matejic 

    +Rüdiger Pannenborg – 🙂 Aren't dogs great?

    Loraine, I don't know why I didn't remember to tag you in any of the new Joni postings. I still have not been able to bring myself to answer the comments on the photo I posted when the older Joni died. I felt so heart broken. Now there is light and fun and laughter with this little mite in the house.  +Loraine Slessor She already is returning everything we give her, in spades (and shorter shoe laces.) 😀 The house is full of happy dancing.

    There was truly a certain amount of instruction going on in that house and Joni did a fair bit of listening, +Ursula Klepper  (she did not once produce a puddle on the floor, I was very happy about that!) 

    Thanks so much +Janet Patterson – it was certainly in her best interest to have great respect, so I was glad that was how she behaved. She charmed them all with her puppy ways. (All except for Tilly who is a bit grumpy with arthritis but even he taught her to keep a respectful distance.)

    She is +Sumit Sen  – you are right.

    +Christina Lihani – thanks. We had never gone through this step with our other dogs as we usually had more than one with us. As she is an only one, it's important that she learns to socialize in many different environments.

    Thank you so much +John wornell 

    +Louisa Catharine Forsyth – they all are!

    I am happy to do that, for our own enjoyment and any who want to follow along, +Heiko Mahr and actually, +Christina Lihani that is an excellent idea!

  3. Ellie I just saw this and thought it was an old photo – and then realised that it's not! I'm so happy that you've got a new collie, she's beautiful (and I see from scrolling down that she's related to Joni). You will give her a wonderful life and she will return your love in spades. So thrilled!

    does happy dance

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